From The Owner – Tameshia Hicks

I am Tameshia Hicks, owner and stylist of Uptown Diva Salon Studio. I have been a stylist for over 13 years. I became a salon owner about 10 years ago and I take pride in making sure that my clients have healthy hair.

In August, I was named Hair Stylist of the year and in October, received a 1st Responder for Hair Loss certification. I’m committed to keeping myself educated on what is best to help my clients achieve healthy hair, bodies and minds.  I previously worked for Basic Hair Care were their motto was haircare is basic. I also worked with PH3B hair care products were their motto is perfect hair is balanced hair. I stand behind these principles in my salon. All of my clients are educated about the health of their hair and what is needed to maintain its health or to get it back to a healthy state. At Uptown Diva Salon Studio, we provide a private atmosphere for clients who want to have their hair done in a private setting.  We also offer a place where business professionals can hold a conference call or take care of some work while getting their hair done. 

I have volunteered with organizations such as, The Cancer Society (Look Better Feel Better) and Volunteers of America. The care for clients is my main priority. Not only do I look at the health of the client’s hair but I also help clients with figuring out what might be going on with their overall health. My clients are like family to me and this is my ministry. My ministry is to teach people about their hair and help them with any other aspects of their life. Being a stylist is the best job I could ever have and this does not feel like work to me. This is a lifelong dream. I put God as the head of my business and I know with Him all things are possible. 

At Uptown Diva Salon Studio, you come for a relaxing atmosphere while getting your hair done. You can rest away the stresses of the day or have a cup of coffee or tea while listening to some calming music. You can count on Uptown Diva Salon Studio for all your hair care needs.

“Where the New You Begins”